fleurs de villes
  • Fleurs de Villes is an international luxury experiential brand that creates bespoke floral events with top local floral designers to showcase each city’s world class talent and create stunning displays of art.

  • Jessie; owner of the THE FLORIUM has been participated in Fleurs de Villes for several years and below are previous works.
Fleurs de Villes - Niagara Falls_ Created by Jessie Jiseon Yun AIFD

Fleurs de Villes - Niagara Falls - Marylin Monroe in Niagara 1953

Fleurs de Villes - Toronto_ Betty White_ Created by Jessie Jiseon Yun AIFD

Fleurs de Villes - Toronto_Telephone Booth_ Created by Jessie Jiseon Yun AIFD

Fleurs de Villes - Toronto Premium Outlets_ Created by Jessie Jiseon Yun AIFD

  • From December 7 - 11, greater Toronto flower lovers are invited to enjoy a festive, socially-spaced walk trail of floral discovery, celebrating the holiday season with Fleurs de Villes NOËL. This unique, FREE floral extravaganza features over 30 pop-up floral installations throughout the Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood, showcasing the artistry of 23 local florists and their teams.

  • Visitors are invited to view and follow the Floral Trail map online at: https://www.bloor-yorkville.com/fleursdevillesnoel/

  • THE FLORIUM will create floral installations at Manulife Centre (between stop 8-16)
fleurs de villes noel map
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