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Jessie grew up in a small village called Sol-Ti (named after the many pine trees that grow everywhere!) in the middle of South Korea. Her grandfather loved flowers and nature. He always brought her to the forest whenever she wanted. Her mother even knows the names of all sorts of wildflowers! Surrounded by flower lovers Jessie also became a flower lover. With a new life in Canada, Jessie wanted to spend the rest of her life with flowers. In her first year, she started as a florist in a busy flower shop. She's always excited to see new flowers each season as the different colours, shapes, and variations of beauty make her enchanted!

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We Have Flowers For All Sorts of Occasions

We Also Host Workshops!

We host flower workshops in our light filled studio space. Classes include a hands on tutorial, vessels & an array of seasonal stems to create your floral masterpiece. We post all workshop info on instagram, or join our email list to keep up to date on upcoming workshops & events!

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